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April 2009

20090401Our Wednesday class (8 April 2009) was also very fortunate to have Mr. Shizuo Otsuka from Shinko Securities Aikido Club join us this evening! Mr. Otsuka demonstrated holding techniques (Morotedori and Ushirowaza) and reminded us the importance of being relaxed against a strong grip. Thank you Mr. Otsuka! Fun evening and great class!
Have a good rest of the week everyone and to those going away for Easter, have a safe and pleasant trip!
20090402Our Monday class was very fortunate to have Mr. Matt Mumford from Cambridge Aiki Dojo in the U.K. visit us on 6 April 2009. Matt, it was a pleasure training with you. We had a lot of fun! Your techniques are very clean and dynamic. Thank you once again for coming! Looking forward to seeing you again soon and have a good trip in Asia.