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May 2009

Eymerdgroup.1Our Saturday class enjoyed a very special training with an old friend of Nagai Sensei from Makati City, the Philippines: Eymard S. Laureano Sensei, Chairman of Aikido Shinwaka. Not only did Eymard Sensei trained with us, he also shared a few techniques and tips to the class. Thank you Eymard Sensei and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sham Shui Po Grading Exam Extra Sessions
For all those who are taking grading examination on 6 June, we will have extra practice sessions with a focus on examination techniques. The classes will be held at 9-10am in the Sham Shui Po Dojo. (Yes! An hour prior to our Saturday class so that you can join right after!) The classes will be held on May 9, 16, 23, and 30). Please come early. The faster we fix the mats, the faster we can get on with training! Looking forward to seeing all of you examinationees there!

Grading Exam 6 June 2009
Grading exam is almost here and will be held at Kwun Chung Dojo from 4 to 6pm on Saturday, 6 June this year. Looking forward to it!

Hombu Shihan’s Visit
Shigeru Sugawara Shihan (7th Dan) and Terumasa Hino Sensei (3rd Dan) from Hombu Dojo will be visiting Hong Kong to conduct three Aikido seminars. We will be joining HKAA for this special event. Dates are as follows: Sunday, 31 May (details to be confirmed), Monday, 1 June (Java Road Dojo from 6-8pm on 3rd floor) and Wednesday, 3 June (Kwun Chung Dojo from 7-9pm). There will not be classes on those dates but you are welcome to use our normal venue for self practice. We highly encourage everyone to participate in this rare event and an opportunity to meet Sugawara Shihan and Hino Sensei. There will be a mat fee of HK$40 for each session, payable to Hong Kong Aikido Association.
StephenVisitStephen Hui from Aikido of Sacramento took time off from his vacation in Hong Kong to practice twice with us this week (April 29 and 2 May)! Stephen, it was great having you here and we look forward to practicing with you again. Please stay in touch and enjoy your Aikido training!