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August 2010

finlandWe were very honored to have Mr. Erik Gronlund and Mr. Tero Lassial from Finland with us during their recent trip to Hong Kong! We also learned that their home dojo follows the teachings of Endo Sensei! It was certainly a pleasure to practice with you and wished we had more time to train together! Looking forward to your visit again soon!
SakuMembers11 members from Doyukai Hong Kong attended Endo Sensei’s Summer Seminar in Saku Dojo, Nagano Japan!
It was an wonderful experience for all of us, not to mention the new acquired techniques, bonding between old and new friends from around the world! Thank you all for making this a memorable experience!
Our member Wilson Chik’s brief recount of Saku Trip. Thank you Wilson for your contribution and tons of fun!
Congratuations to all members who passed the June 2010 grading exams.

Grading Exam Results
Passed 1st Kyu Exam: Bernard Kwan
Passed 3rd Kyu Exam: Clayton Myers
Passed 5th Kyu Exam: Pamela Bringer, Steve Wang