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May 2011

Congratulations to all members who passed the May 2011 grading exams! We had an exciting few days and everyone did extremely well. Well done everyone and looking forward to seeing all of you. Thank you for all who participated as uke for the examinations.

Grading Exam Results
Passed 1st Kyu Exam: Renato Reyes, Clayton Myers
Passed 2nd Kyu Exam: Chizu Kurihara, Masayoshi Kurihara
Passed 4th Kyu Exam: Allen Jalali, Steve Wang, Wilson Chik, Keith Sanders, Matthew Pappas
Passed 5th Kyu Exam: Tang Ho Yin, Takhiro Kurihara, Christian Pappas
Passed 6th Kyu Exam: Kodai Kurihara
Passed 9th Kyu Exam: Taiki Kimura