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August 2011

GidonGroupWe had the pleasure of Mr. Gidon Albert from New York Aikikai visiting us on 31 August. Mr. Albert is a friend of Peter Wilson from his uchi-deschi days at New York Aikikai. 17 members joined for this special practice! Thanks Gidon and it was a pleasure practicing with you. Pleaes come and visit us again!
seminar201110 of us flew from Hong Kong to attend Endo Sensei’s Seminar in Saku dojo Japan from 10-14 August. During the 5 days we were there, Doyukai HK members practiced aikido 4 hours a day (9:30am-11:30am) and (4-6pm) and had a wonderful time with aikido practitioners from around the world. Each class had between 60-100 people and focused on many great teachings from Endo Sensei. New and old friendships established and many wonderful evenings! On Sat, Endo Sensei hosted a party for all the participants. Our dojo performed a dance as part of our performance!
Participants included Nagai Sensei, Chizu Kurihara, Clayton Myers, David Forestell, Kohdai Kurihara, Masayoshi Kurihara, Matthew Wong, Takahiro Kurihara, Nicolas Baratte and Wilson Chik.
At the end of the seminar, Endo Sensei requested time for Matthew Wong’s Shodan exam. Special thanks to David Forestell and Clayton Myers who were excellent ukes for the exam.
ShihanGroupWe would like to congratulate Matthew on passing his Shodan exam overseen by Endo Sensei.