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September 2011

Quite a few events for the calendar from now until the year end! PLEASE MARK THEM DOWN!

Mineo Tominaga Shihan’s Visit on 22-23 Oct 2011
We are pleased to announce that Mineo Tominaga Shihan (6th Dan) and 5 of his members from Aikido Nishiyamatokai – Masakatsukai dojo will be visiting us in Hong Kong from 21-24 October 2011. Tominaga Sensei has been with Endo Sensei for a long time and has a dojo in Nara prefecture, Kansai area in Japan. Many of us who has attended Endo Sensei’s seminar has met Tominaga Sensei. Not only is he powerful and has great techniques, he is one of the friendliest individuals on and off the mats. Always willing to guide the beginners with a big smile. We look forward to your visit and your session on 22-23 October.

Visit to Macau Aikikai
Nagai Sensei is planning a trip to visit Macau Aikikai in October (9th or the 16th). We will have lunch there and train from 4-6pm at Macau Aikikai. We encourage all those who can make it to join this special visit!

2nd Enbukai
We wll be hosting our annual Enbukai (free demonstration) on 2nd October in North Point (Activity Room 1, Java Road, North Point) from 2-5pm for a 3 hour Enbukai. This is truly a very special event for all members as each one will be able to demonstrate free techniques in front of all the members. It’s a lot of fun and a great chance for a gathering of the Aikido Doyukai family. Friends and families are welcome. Please bring camera that day!
hui2011Stephen Hui from Aikido of Sacramento visited us during his flight to Hong Kong! it has been awhile Stephen and great seeing you!