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December 2011

Keiko Osame, we completed the year with a lively shot of the group (again in our usual fun loving relaxed way). Wonderful practice everyone and looking forward to seeing you all in 2012!
While reading The Wall Street Journal on 29 Dec 2011, we noticed one of our youngest members Taiki Kimura (10) made it to the newspaper. Taiki, you made it! We always know you are going to become a Hollywood star! Keep up the good work!
xmaseve2011Practicing on Xmas eve, dedicated group of aikidoka. Sensei was truly happy with the practice that evening. Ms. Tanja Sobko is visiting Hong Kong again and will be joining us for a month! Merry Christmas everyone!
yamagishi2011We had the pleasure of Y. Yamagishi Sensei from Chigasaki Aikikai in Japan joining us for our Monday class practice!
Annual Party 2011
Annual dinner in Causeway Bay this year, a very serious photo this year compared to past years.
We have decided to mellow a bit this year…then again, until our next annual dinner in 2012!