Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sep 2013

Joined Hironobu Yamada shihan’s seminar by Hong Kong Aikidokan with some members.
Had a nice time together with the members of Hong Kong Aiidokan.

Aug 2013

DawnShoonGroup 001
My old friends, Dawn Ngtan and Teo Ai Shoon visit to dojo and training together.
25, August, 2013.
They hold 3rd dan but with white belt and with out hakama, because of they want to restart aikido training from pure mind.
I and we enjoyed a lot together with them.

Andrea Raviglione flight back Euro tomorrow and Arjun Singh leave from Hong Kong to study in UK. 31, Aug, 2013.
Last training session with them at Sham Shui Po.

July 2013

Drinking session after Sunday training was successfully finished.
Enjoyed a lot at nice Spanish restaurant bar at water front.
We’ll do that again at some timing.
1, July, 2013.

May 2013

Saku 006
Joined Saku dojo 20th anniversary and Endo sensei seminar in Saku, Japan, 3rd to 5th of May.
Memorabilia from Endo sensei.

TerryGroup 002
Denise & Terry from Singapore visit and join to our training again.
25, May, 2013.

Feb 2013

We invited Seishiro Endo sensei, Honbu dojo and held 2 days seminar at Hong Kong Chinese International School Gymnasium on 23 and 24, February.
It was a first our organized international seminar. Gathering near 200 aikidoist from inside and outside of Hong Kong.