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Last training session with Lo Ming Chung at Island East Sports Center on 28,September, 2014.
He will leave from Hong Kong soon to Taiwan to study in university.
Hope visit and join our training when come back to Hong Kong at some timing.
Wish you all the best in there.
Our senior member, Atsushi Sugiura also come and join from Shenzhen, China on that day.


Wish you all the best in Taiwan.


One art, Three sensei, 50 years.
Late Tamura sensei in France, Yamada sensei in New York and Fukakusa sensei in Thailand since 1964.

50 years anniversary seminar in Bangkok, Thailand, September 19 to 21, 2014.

Thai One Art 50 years 070
Welcome Dinner

Fukakusa shihan & Nishimura sensei, Thai Aikikai

Thai One Art 50 years 003

KeikoFunakoshiKeiko with Funakoshi sensei

Thai One Art 50 years 075Keiko with Arai sensei

Thai One Art 50 years 009Enjoy Thailand night


EnbuDemonstration as a representative from Hong Kong.

FunakoshiDemonstration with Funakoshi sensei.

Thai One Art 50 years 050Farewell dinner



Mr. Ricardo Shimabukuro, now live in Zhong Shan, China visit our training class in Sham Shui Po again on 9, September. 
He is a member of Yamato AIkikai under Kuribayashi shihan. He bring a message from Kuribayashi sensei as well. 

Our member, Daniel san come back to Hong Kong after long time away from Home, also another visitor Ms.Wong and new member joined to the class.

Shimabukuro.Sep.6 001