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2014 Keiko osame, 29, December.
Not only our members, Mr.Eugine Ching from Ning Po visit us again and join to our Keiko osame.
Could finished all of our training in 2015 with nice and great mood.
Thank you all of the members, really had a nice time together with you!

KeikoOsame 001

KeikoOsame 004


Gabriel suddenly appeared Saturday training in Sam Shui Po, 27, December.
He came back from Canada by his home coming to spend New year with his parents.
Enjoyed reunion and training with him.

Gabriel.SSP.27,Dec. 002

Gabriel.SSP.27,Dec. 005


Mr.Eugine Ching from Ning Po visit and join our Wednesday training session in North Point, 10,December.
Hope see him again in Shang Hai next year.

Eugine.12.10.NP 001