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Mathieu & Virginie, Mr & Mrs, Barseghian from Makoto Aikido, Singapore visit and join to our training session at Pei Ho Street Sports Center, Sham Shui Po on 18, Jul, 2015.
Also another 3 trial participants joined. It was a really lively training day.


Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club

Visit Ulrich Mierswa sensei’s Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club, 10 to 13, July, 2015.
Enjoyed 6 training sessions on Friday to Monday.
Stephane and Ricky come and join also Ms, Cao former member of Doyukai come from Tianjin.


S-Xijiao Aikido (4)Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club

S-Group2Sabaki S-Atemi

S-Xijiao Aikido (18)Ulrich Mierswa sensei Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club.





Monday training at North Point on 29, June, 2015.
Mr.Mike Chan from Taiwan visit and join to our 2 hours training session.
We really had a nice time with you, hope visit us again when you come to Hong Kong.