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The Grading exam at second half year

The Grading exam at second half year at 21 and 22, November, 2015.

Could finished at good achievement at grading exam in this time.

Congratulations for everyone who pass the exam in this time.
Also, thank you very much for members who support the examinations.

Day 1

Exam,21,Nov (1) (1280x772)

Exam,21,Nov (4) (1280x787)

Day 2

IE,22,Nov (1) (1280x724)

IE,22,Nov (3) (1280x763)

5th Anniversary of Shanghai XiJiao Aikido

Received VIP Instructor invitation from Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Dojo 

8 to 10th of April, 2016.

Shanghai 5th anniversary

SG50 Aikido Seminar – Singapore –

SG50 Aikido Seminar Singapore, 1, November, 2015.


At Bukit Batok East CC,

S-Fukakusa ShihanMotohiro Fukakusa Shihan

S-Harry NgS-Philip Lee







Shoshin Aikido  Harry Ng Shihan                      Aikido Shinju kai   Philip Lee Shinan

S-SG50 Seminar (3)Freddy Khong sensei,  George Chang Shihan,  Seah Ah Hee sensei, all of the sensei in Singapore.