Monthly Archives: October 2016

Guests from Scotland and Singapore

Scott Reed sensei and Ms.Christina Finch from Edinburgh Aikido club, Mr. Harano from Aikido Shinjyukai Singapore visit and join our Sunday training class at Island East Sports Center, 9, Oct, 2016.
ie09oct-4  ie09oct-6-mWe really had a nice time with them.

Mr. Harano also joined our Weapons class on Saturday.

Aikido Fellowships Asia in Bngkok


fukakusa-yamadaJoined Aikido Fellowships Asia in Bangkok, 23-25, September, 2016.
Hosted by Motohiro Fukakusa Shihan’s Thai Aikikai, Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan , New York Aikikai as the main instructor.

10 of our members attended to this great seminar.

Our Enbu at there.

photo-4Visit Thai Aikikai HQ dojo Renbukan.

photo-5Meet with good friends again.

And a lot of fun.