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Wada san final

Our member, Wada san (Michitoshi Wada) will be leaving from Hong Kong on early of June.

There was a final Keiko with him on 27, May, 2018 at Island East Sports Center.

Nice guy, training with him was a lot of fun always.

Farewell for him after Keiko.

For our nice memories.

Inoue san visit

Former member, Inoue san visit us.
He moved to Shanghai around 2 years ago then move back to Japan now.

Shek kip Mei Park Sports Center – 5, May, 2018. –

Aikido Shinju-kai Singapore 30th Anniversary

Joined Aikido Shinju-kai 30th Anniversary in Singapore.  – 6 – 8, April, 2018. –

Philip Lee shihan, Aikido Shinju-kai, Mitsuteru Ueshiba Hondu Dojocho guest of honor.

Katuyuki Shimamoto shihan, Motohiro Fukakusa shihan.

Nobuo Takase shihan, Ikuhiro Kubota shihan and friends.

Over 600 participants gathering in Our Tampines hub.



Mr. Erik Grönlund from Finland.

Mr. Erik Grönlund from Finland visit and join to our Wednesday class.   – 14, Mar, 2018. –

Really had a nice time with him and his wife Martina san.                                                                This is his 6 times visit to us.