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Celebration dinner

We had a celebration dinner for 10 years anniversary after officail registered to company registry.
We also changed our name to Aikikai Hong Kong Yubukan from Aikido Doyukai Hong Kong at this timing.
At Police Sports and Recreation Club on 10, November, 2018.

Shanghai Xijiao Aikido visit

Visit Ulrish Mierswa sensei’s Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Dojo  – 20 to 22, October, 2018. –


7 times visit in this time, do both body and weapons class.

Training with nice friends is always very much fun.

Malaysia, Singapore visit

Visit Jun Yamada shihan’s Akademi Aikido Jyuku, Kuala lumpur, Kentoku Budokan, Johor Bahru and Aikido Shinju-Kai, Singapore on 23 to 27, August, 2018.

Met good friends and had a nice time with them.