Our Philosophy

philosphyAikikai Hong Kong Yubukan is dedicated to the practice of Aikido. We were established with the premise of providing quality instruction for practicing and developing Aikido under the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder and Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Aikido is characterized as a soft, yet powerful martial art. It is the Founder’s teaching that there is no competition; Aikido is budo and not a sport.

Anyone can practice Aikido regardless of age or physical strength requirements. The purpose of Aikido is to allow as many different people to practice together as possible: men and women, young and old, weak and strong to develop their potential through practicing together. It is not unusual to see children and parents training together. In Japan, the ratio between male and female practitioners is 50/50. People usually continue to train in their 80s and beyond!

What’s distinctive about us?
Aikikai Hong Kong Yubukan is a direct connection dojo of Aikikai Foundation and Aikido World Headquarters under Doshi Moriteru Ueshiba.

Nagai Sensei trained intensively for more than 20 years in Funabashi Aikido Doyukai in Japan under Endo Sensei and Shimizu Sensei. At Aikikai Hong Kong Yubukan, not only does Nagai Sensei devotes his time and energy to teaching everyone in each class. In addition to a number of expatriate Japanese, our dojo is blessed with a community of practitioners enriched by a broad range of cultural, ethnic, experience and background.

Aikikai Hong Kong Yubukan offers practitioners the benefit of training in a traditional Japanese dojo where ethics and self development of each practitioner are emphasized. Our goal is to create a safe training atmosphere where beginners and practitioners can explore, discover and learn from each other both inside and outside the dojo.

We welcome everyone interested in practicing Aikido and Budo (way of the martial arts) in a friendly, family environment to join us.