Women in Aikido


O Sensei developed Aikido with the essential goal to bring people together.

Aikido is a martial art developed for both male and female, and practiced by all age group around the world. It is estimated that 50% of the Aikido practioners in Japan are females.

Aikido is about movement, proper posture and budo spirit. It’s not about comparison of strength but rather, harmonizing and redirecting an attack. Aikido do not rely on physical strength for effectiveness. It trains practioners powerful means of self defense without muscle power.

There are many amazing Aikido women practicing and teaching Aikido around the world. According to Aikido Pioneers, during the pre-war era, one of O Sensei’s female students was Takako Kunigoshi, who started training with O Sensei in 1933. She trained seriously, and gained the full respect of both O Sensei and the uchi-deshi!

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